Our menu before 6 pm

 appetisers and small dishes

120 g PICKLED CHEESE assorted cheese pickled in sunflower oil with fresh chilli, herbs and onion salad, pretzel

195 CZK

80 g FRIED STRONG CHEESE “ROMADUR” with cranberry sauce and baby spinach salad

215 CZK

130 g GOOSE LIVER PÂTÉ with almonds,thyme and red wine jelly served with pearl onions and raisins, sourdough bread

255 CZK

130 g DUCK RILLETTES served cold in duck lard with homemade ginger gherkins and sourdough bread

255 CZK

150 g GRILLED SAUSAGES selection of grilled sausages from organic farm Seletice, red onion salad, mustard sauce, sourdough bread

245 CZK


TRADITIONAL POTATO SOUP with mushrooms, fresh marjoram, vegetable and truffle oil

165 CZK

 small salads

GREEK with marinated feta cheese

165 CZK

TOMATO with red onion, sour-sweet dressing and chives

135 CZK

CUCUMBER SALAD with sour-sweet dressing

135 CZK

 large salads

SALAD WITH GOAT CHEESE – fresh goat cheese with mixed lettuce, walnuts and sundried cranberries

335 CZK

SALAD WITH FARM EGG 63°/63‘ – with avocado, roasted corn and semi-dried tomatoes

335 CZK

 main dishes

150 g BEEF IN CREAM SAUCE beef round shoulder with traditional creamy sauce, Carlsbad bun dumplings and marinated cranberries

355 CZK

150 g PRAGUE HAM WITH GRILLED VEGETABLE pan fried onion potatoes, creamy horseradish sauce with almonds, cranberries

355 CZK

200 g TRADITIONAL BEEF GOULASH served with shallots onion and potato dumplings

335 CZK

200 g CHICKEN BREAST chicken supreme with crispy skin served with pea puree, roasted mixed vegetable and herb sauce

385 CZK

200 g FRESH RIVER TROUT FILLETS served with seasonal vegetable and lemon sauce

445 CZK

250 g DUCK THIGH confit in thyme lard served with red cabbage, homemade bun dumplings

465 CZK

200 g CAULIFLOWER PANCAKES flavoured with fresh herbs and nutmeg, served with mashed potatoes with onion, homemade tartar sauce and small cherry tomatoes salad

315 CZK

300 g SMALL POTATO GNOCCHI WITH SHEEP CHEESE rendered bacon and onion

315 CZK

 side dishes

Mashed potatoes with onion and bacon

79 CZK

Potato puree with chive

79 CZK

Light potato salad

79 CZK

Bun dumplings

79 CZK

Fried sliced potato chips

79 CZK

Roasted vegetables

79 CZK

Cream spinach

79 CZK

Steak fries

85 CZK

Sourdough bread

49 CZK

Toasted bread with lard

55 CZK

1 pc Baked pretzel

80 CZK

Garlic dip

50 CZK

Porcini mushrooms sauce

60 CZK

Red wine sauce

60 CZK

 beer and wine nibbles

Fried sliced potato chips with garlic dip

145 CZK

Baked pretzel with herb curd cheese

130 CZK


CLASSIC CRÈME CARAMEL served with fresh whipped cream

185 CZK


185 CZK

Information about allergens will be provided by the staff on request.